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Wednesday, August 24, 2005
specially to 745428*

heard you're going to
***** this fri(26/8).
wish you all the best.
even if you get admitted,
(which i hope you won't)
i will miss you.
i'll wait for the day
when you'll be released.
i'll wait.
this, i promise you.
i treasure you.
i'll miss those days
us, side by side.
i'll miss those smiles.
i'll miss that very
"i care for her mah".
i'll miss everything
about you.
i thank you
for being my friend,
for not ditching me,
when you found out.
i'm glad you're cool
about it.
please, i hope, you
don't take it as a joke.
its not some prank.
its just confessions
from my heart
which is unavoidable.
please don't
forget me.
cause i'll always
remember you
and treasure you
with all my heart
and soul.
cause that's all
i can offer.
may we be
friends forever,
now, always,
till the end of time.....

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