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Thursday, September 15, 2005
had a nice long talk with someone yesterday.
we finally manage to settle our dispute.
i promised not to tell anybody about it.
so, lets be it and shan't go into further details.

had physics and POA paper 2 today.
the formulae list helped a lot!
thanks tuition teacher! (:
POA was like s**t.
i didn't even like give a proper answer to the question asked.
it seems easier but i did not revise at all.
serve me right.
now, that teacher is going to nag at me.
the most difficult part was the partnership.
it was freakingly irritating.
the english was beyond expectation and it was messy.
its not that i suck in english or the english was "chim".
the english was just confusing.
oh craps.

will be having science tuition today.
but i'm thinking of doing maths. (:
have maths paper 2 and mt paper 2 tomorrow.
have to go tuition alone today.
that bangla worker is meeting that china worker.
i don't know what to wear.

i'm done updating for today.
till then.

-toodlyies myie-

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