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Sunday, October 02, 2005
this is yesterday's post.
was suppose to be out of the house by 10.30am but it dragged till 3pm.
it was because my mum didn't let me out unless i followed her to run some errands.

went straight to sasa's house.
sasa was at the taman jurong shopping centre.
made my way there.
she was with hafis.
went to the paint shop.
sasa wanted to paint her room.
uncle black mail sia.
sell 5L paint for $48.
we asked for a receipt.
he said must pay another 5% GST.
went to another shop to purchase rollers.
it was around 50cents cheaper!
stupid uncle.
sell so expensive.
back at sasa's home,kuss,nunnie,liana,yat and jun were waiting.

we helped to shift all the stuff in sasa's room and cover it so that it did not get splashed by the paint.
after that,the fun begins!
i started painting but half an hour later,i stopped.
mu pants and shirt was full of paint blobs.
went to the kitchen to help her maid cook instead.
i cooked,nunnie help to stir.
we cooked fried noodles!
after it was ready,place it on the table outside.
me,jun,nunnie and kussma helped ourselves.
since her maid fried onion rings,nuggets,etc,we helped ourselves and in a matter of minutes,it was all gone!
watched some indian show.
nunnie and kussma wanted to take a picture.
they passed me the cam and i sat over beside jun to take a picture of them.
kuss was like "aww,they look like a couple".
jun put his hand around me.
after the painting was done,we all sat down,watched tv.
sat down and talked.
the played with some electric thingy which is for massaging your legs.
so funny!!
jun and fis put it on the maximum level and they started having leg cramps.
it shocked me like mad!
i was sitting beside hafis and he was massaging his feet.
then suddenly he was like grabbing his leg and asking for help.
i panicked!
i was like "OMG!what am i suppose to do next?"
i pushed his leg away form the machine.
then we laughed.
that electric thingy did wonders.
hafis hair was moving on its own!
so funny.
it was already late so i asked jun to asked my parents for permission whether i could be home a lil late that night.
he talked to my father and then he hung up.
i hugged him and said "ahh!i love you!".

after that,me,kus,liana,jun and yat went jamming.
when we reached the jamming studio,yuji still wasn't there.
he was late!
waited for around 10mins.
went inside,and it all started.
i just sat down at the corner and looked at jun play the drums.
he looked at me,i looked at him,then i looked at yuji,and jun was still looking at me when i was looking at him.
in my head was "if only i could play the drums like him".
jun is gonna teach me how to play the drums!
when i left the jamming studio,the guys outside were like "eh,kakak",
which goes to show they are shocked to see some tudung girl in the jamming studio.
and how despicable could they be?!
they called me "kakak" and they are like 10 years older than me?!
to hell with them.
please realise that u're old.
such an eyesore.

it was so fun.
wished it didn't end.

its sad that most of us can't break fast at home on wednesday.
have school from 4-8pm.
so sad.

-toodlyies myie-

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