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getting employed
Tuesday, December 27, 2005
its so hard getting employed this days.
most of them are looking for people who can speak mandarin.
oh gosh.

one incident was.
i was walking down M-S with nuraini.
passed by a "branded shop".
saw this leaflet outside.
saying they needed sales assistant.
but required people who could speak mandarin.
went in and said, "frankly, i don't speak mandarin.but can i apply for the job?".
they said, "no,sorry.we need people who can speak mandarin."

its not i'm being racist or anything.
its just that.
it puzzles me why the shop needed people who could speak mandarin.
'cause the stuff that the shop is selling is quite an international brand.
if anybody can answer this question for me.
please answer.
it'll be greatly appreciated. (:

applied at starbucks.
hopefully they call back.

its kinda difficult getting employed this days.
especially part-time.
have to be really patient to find a job.
and not to be picky over the job.

will be going down to john little on 29th december for training.
i'm employed.
but only for 5 days.
will be asking the HR for vacancies.
hopefully they have.

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