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Wednesday, December 21, 2005
It's been a few weeks since I last saw him. He's finally back! Yipee!

He's none other than Junaidi. He was away for quite some time due to certain circumstances. Its preferable not to be disclosed. Went to visit him yesterday with 4 members of the octaplets. (octaplets:anne,munzir,junaidi,nano,hidayat,nani,daud,sasa.) We were so delighted to see him. I felt like hugging him but since the whole family is present, I guess I'll save it for some other day. We flushed Junaidi with loads of questions. He's also glad that we’re there to be with him. Hahas. We watched "Kuch Kuch Hota Hai" and entertained Junaidi's little nieces and nephews. They were a rowdy crowd! Hahas. We ate and talk and ate. Luckily, nobody got choked. Hahas. While eating, one of Junaidi's nephew celebrated his birthday! Whoots~ He is only 5 years old. It's a pity we didn't know or else we'd have bought him a present. (: We ate cake and received goodie bags. Hahas. Watched "Chicken Little". Junaidi’s sister was like, "this show is so boring. So stupid." Hahahas. We played with the kids. We blew balloons and make loads of noise. The question that daunts me is that, none of the neighbours complain even though we were SO LOUD! We left his house around 9+. I reached home around 9.30. Just in time to watch CSI. At around 10.30, I called Junaidi. We had a conference which consists of me, nano, nani, jun, yat and daud. Hahas. We talked till up to 1+am.

I miss Junaidi.

Octaplets. We rawk! ((:

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