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Tuesday, January 17, 2006
Results are drawing near. day by day, I know I'm not gonna pass. have a feeling I'll just end up in some ITE. i know its ridiculous. but due to certain circumstances(of not studying, too much slacking, blah blah blah),I know ITE's the right path.

So what if an o level student end up in some ITE? I mean, its not impossible. Anyway, nowadays all those smart people are choosing poly over jc, so that means a stronger competition. Stronger competition spells out d-o-o-m. it also goes to show there won't be a place for people like me. So ITE, here I come.

Been researching on the courses that are available in the ITE. What caught my eyes were Nitec in Chemical Process Technology (Petrochemicals) and (Pharmaceuticals) that is available in ITE College West(Bukit Batok) and Higher Nitec in Biochemical Technology which is available in ITE College East(Simei). They sound so chim. Hahas. I mean, since I can't succeed in poly, I'll succeed slowly in ITE. (: from ITE, if I study hard enough, I can get a spot in a poly. It’s a longer route. But for studies, I'm prepared to take the risk. I mean, not everybody is lucky as I am to receive education. Some people have to drop out of school at a young age to help support the family, or have a lack of interest in studies.

I mean, its not like as if I really pray hard to fail my o's and proceed directly to ITE. Of course I hope I pass. And at least land a spot at either one of the poly's. Even though the course I'll get will be of no interest to me, I'll slowly develop it and succeed from there. I'll be contented enough.

Once thought of going to LASELLE-SIA. Take up Interior Design. But due to insufficient funds, it's a no-no. An ex-colleague told me to study in MDIS, but later he was against it as the fees were humongous.

If I manage to score enough points to make it into poly, these are my choices: Tourism and resort management in SP, visual communications in TP, nursing in NYP, interior design in SP, law and management in TP(provided I score distinction in eng which is impossible), bioengineering in SP, maritime transportation management in SP and nautical studies in SP. Frankly, I knew what to do right after I get my results. Take up biomedical science in either TP or SP. But due to poor discipline and time management, its time I bid farewell to the whole idea...

I guess, education in Singapore, well, IS VERY EXPENSIVE. Yes, there are organizations which offer help, but not everybody is eligible for it. You must come from a low income family to receive it. There are bursaries, but you must study hard to earn it. And you have to study till your nerves go haywire to get a secured place in one of the schools. So, I have no more say.


Hafriz has left for Brunei for the next four months to serve his NS. Wish him all the best.

Nunnie's grandpa passed away yesterday, exactly the same way my grandma passed away; in their sleep. It goes to show life is very precious. Treasure it.

Now I realize I really have to take care of my belongings. Ever since my HP got stolen, I feel so lost knowing that I've lose a lot of important numbers, numbers that are close to my heart. Sigh. Now I have to through the trouble of finding them. Sigh. And my parents don't even know about it. I'll be d-e-a-d if they found out. Hahs.

Will be getting a pay of $250 soon. By John Little. $150 is to be given to my mum and I'll only have $100 for keepsake. I'll be buying a phone with it. It isn't enough at all. Man. That's so freaking sad. And my pay will be on February 3rd. That’s so freaking long!

If I know it's gonna turn out this way, shouldn't have wasted my time working at E*****. I agree that I got to know great people from there, but it hurts that I didn’t even get a single cent from working. That crushed my heart. All because the pay was commission-wise. Damn.

I'm dissatisfied with the new ez-link thing. It's not my fault that I'm waiting for my results. Now, from home to paragon and from paragon back home, it costs me a whooping $2.30, compared to back then, which was only $0.90. That’s a difference of $1.40! With that $1.40, I can make 3 different trips! WOW. There goes my money. Man. And now, the minimum top-up value is $10, compared to $5. That's so freaking sad. My money goes down the drain just like that. All I'm suggesting is, please extend our ez-link till we get a new ez-link in the schools we will be headed to. It saves us on transportation fees. Oh please! Can't a student waiting for his/her o level results be treated like a normal student?

Now I can't travel too often due to the change in system. That's so sad! There goes all the hangouts late at night and the shopping. A colleague suggested collecting coins. Wherever you go, show your ez-link card and pay $0.55. Such a brilliant idea. It can save us a few dollars. (: hehehe.

That's enough for today. I guess I won't be posting any latest news soon enough. With all the work coming, there’s no time for the net.

But oh please often visit. And tag at the tag-board provided. Thank you.

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