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Monday, February 06, 2006
ok.the bbq was like a-quarter disastrous and three-
quarters successful.hahas.can la.

okay.we(me,nunnie and yat) actually booked pit no.
13. when 4th of feb set in, and when we searched for
the place, it was so FREAKING far!so i had to walked
back all the AXS machine at Mcdonalds and book
another pit which is way nearer.its a good thing there
were still vacancies.or else we'll be dead. o.0

the whole time we were there, it was like the rain were
playing with us.the rain was like on and off.but it was
agreed upon that its a rain or shine situation.

it took us almost half an hour to make a
the time the fire was up, we were definitely all starving.
(haiyah,cut short. lazy to write the details).

at around 9+, most of the boys arrived.they brought
along the sec 5 guys and ex-kent ridgeans.muahahas.
by the time they arrived,10mins later,we were out of
food.see how HUNGRY they nunnie and yat
cycled all the way to the nearest minimart and bought

little that i realise it was already 12+ am in the morning.
hahas. my dad called and scolded me and blah3 ask me
to come home. mum called and told me to ignore my dad.
hahas.she told me not to come home to late and she'll
be waiting at the void deck.

so i went home around 1+am.via the cab.muahahas.mum
waited at the void deck.(my mum's so nice).when i got
home, changed clothes ansd went straight to bed.
hahahahas.(with hair smelling of charcoal)hua hua hua.

had to wake up by 7.30 the next day.due to work!boohoo.
my hair still reek of charcoal even though i used a ton
of shampoo. darn.went to work looking half dead and
everything.was the earliest!haiyo.muahaahs.nvm lar.

paragon T-R-U staff won the soccer match!woohoo!
(its a match between T-R-U staff all over s'pore).
hahas.we cool! muahahahahas.congrats guys.
you've done us proud. (:

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