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Friday, February 03, 2006
yet another day has passed.been thinking
lately about all those memories that i've had
since being with kent ridge.ok.i hate the
school and everything.but the friends i made
there has truly made my time worthwhile.

what i'll miss most is my sec 3 & 4 life.we
were the most havoc class in the whole of
express of the teachers even
commented(can't remember who)-"if you
all ar keep continuing behaving this way,you
ought to be in the academic class".while
most of us are appalled with the comment,i
guess we just have to move on with life.

most of the classroom properties are,of course,
destroyed by us.the speed of the fan is not
regular,we spoiled a few OHP(s),the door knob
of the class door was pulled out,quite a number
of window panes went missing,holes were all
over the metal class cupboard,whiteboard had
holes in it,the teacher's table got all wobbly,tons
more.those were just the days.

well,will be re-uniting with them when the results
are out.gonna cry together.oh well.

will be having our class party aka bbq on 4th feb(sat).
gonna have such fun!wee~to peeps who are coming:
bbq pit 14,WCP,after 4pm.

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