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Sunday, February 19, 2006
to all that have posted in my tag-board.i'm sorry for this LATE thanks.i would to say that i appreciate all those support that you people are giving really means so much.i hope you succeed in your own personal choices.i believe you have made the right choices, too. (:

its been a long time since i last roam into the internet world.i've been to busy working!dammit.its my off day today.(finally,after 6 days!).been lethargic and almost drop dead.hahas.

happy belated valentines' day. (:

hmm.i hate to see couples on the makes me feel like killing them.hua3.

to anonymous:hmm. don't know you(or maybe i know).but.i guess.u're in the same boat as me too, right?all the best in your future endeavours.every person has the right to have all my well wishes!and this is coming from the bottom of my heart. ;)

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