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Saturday, February 04, 2006
time changed to 6+ instead of 4+ due to manpower
reasons. ((: hope you ppl don't mind. i'm sitting at home,getting all old and
cranky. for some particular reasons,i think it may
not be a success. boohoo.well.we've all got to think

an old friend asked me out at 4 today.should i go or
just stay at home and wait for my manpower to finish
work and get started with our bbq?but he may be
apalled that i can't make it like AGAIN today after
rejecting going to his house for CNY due to one
particular reasons or another.i just can't seem to
make up my mind.oh well.

just pray hard that it will all be a success.

i miss the john little family.boohoo.

miss all the staff at household linen dept
(the staffs that i know). miss kak rus,kak rose,
thomas,jeremy aka chi ko pek and other staff
from other dept like alex,aida and many more.
WTH.i've forgotten all their names! damn it.
i'm really getting old+senile.

still rotting at home.the boredom is killing me. -.-"

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