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toys "r" us suntec.
Wednesday, February 22, 2006
ok.this post shoulb for yesterday.but went home late so its today!(wth am i talking about?)

went to suntec for training;cashier and sidewalk.well,mainly for sidewalk as most of us know how to do cashier.the training lasted for around 4++ hours.our lunch was around 1 1/2 hrs.(long sia).me and my colleague(nadya) went for lunch at cavana, marina square.the food was nice but it cost a bomb.then we headed down to famous amos.bought 200gm of macadamia and choc chip was pure indulgence.hua3.then,while sitting down at some place which i duno where,a guy approached us and ask for donation(10 bucks bloody hell!).both of us didn't have i offered him cookies.hahas.could see he was starving and hungry. ((:

went back for training.blah3.finished around 6+.ran into another colleague's friend.he's working at toys "r" us suntec.CUTE SIA!hahas.there are like tons of cute guys i tell you.muahahas.but only saw one.probably most are not working.cute sia! wonder he looks familiar......

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