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Friday, May 26, 2006 for the next one week,i'm gonna reach home by 10++.why?cause for the whole week,i have to attend meetings every single by the end of the week,i'm gonna be all stone.don't worry.cause its only for a week.and the rest of the days,i'm FREE!hehe.

the thing i love about SC is that,we are like one big family!everybody knows everybody.and i'm shocked that the ex vice-president knows my name w/o me even introducing myself.that's so cool.hahs.and my ex vice-president rocks,cause it feels like i've known him for 10 yrs,even though he made the 1st wrong impression;to me lah.haha.

now my brain is dead.on tuesday,i have both council and floorball.i'm prolly representing school for floorball-goalkeeper position.and on tuesday,you guessed it right, which one should i go???boohoo.

well.need to study now for my lab maths test.haiyo.A math topic.crazy man.

best regards.

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