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Friday, May 19, 2006
so now i'll drop a proper post since its my holiday today.nope.your eyes aren't playing tricks on you.its my school holiday today. ((: created due to polling day uhm i don't even know what it is.teehehe. now i'm at home waiting for time to pass by to catch a movie with my sec sch classmates.its been long since we went out together. ((: probably catching the da vinci code.still not decided yet.teehehe. has been enjoyable by the day.people have started opening up.people that most of us thought were meek and shy are turning out quite loud.haha.

well.sadly.there are not many handsome guys in my class.BOOHOO!there are quite a few in the other class.hehe.and since most of my class lectures are together with this particular class,we get to look at them every time. XD

i think i'm getting diarrhea cause i've been in and out of the toilet.haha.oh well.i have nothing else to say.

to everybody,GOOD MORNING! XD

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