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my operation.
Saturday, June 17, 2006
people all over have been pestering me to go for my operation.haha.i will.definitely i will.but after my napfa test though.hahas.its this pain,no even when i faint while doing it,its kinda cool.haha.

this week, i'm jam packed with so much test!all acknowledged at the very last minute.damn.they must think we are super brainee people.haha.dream on teachers.

on the coming of july hols,i don't think it can be called a holiday at all.i have so many things to do.there's my council,floorball meet up,floorball trainings,work and many more there is to it.i guess,i'll have to start drinking red bull every morning.yikes!

i hate saturdays.there's not much show too god i'm working tomorrow. (:

i feel like going out but with who? ):

just got invited out.but.must travel.i don't like.lazy lar.haha.

ok that's it.i don't know what else to write. -_-"

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