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Friday, June 16, 2006
met dzamir this morning in the train.went to simei together. (: at simei,met up with sherman,amirah and shasha.though it was raining,we still walked to school.

we had to attend a self-esteem talk was kinda dry but we had fun.i don't have low the heck.

after the talk,there was AC.mas,bob,shasha,nad,fizan and i skip class and went to century square instead to watch silent hill.haha.see.i'm bad.the movie is actually not bad.its super gore.COOL sia.we were the group who made the most noise.haha!after the show,met into amirah and had lunch.hungry sia.haha.

so now i'm home,still pondering onto whether i should go for it or not.

where can i find someone like you?

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