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Wednesday, July 12, 2006
early in the morning at 8am,met bambang at tampines mcd's.ate breakfast(guess he was hungry).then headed for school.

reached school around 9am and there wasn't any single soul for the workshop.thought we got the wrong date or the the teachers were late.hang around for a while.told ourselves we'll leave by 9.30 am if no one was still present.i guess,time flew by fast.since we talked a lot,the next thing i knew,it was already 9.54 am.haha.went to chem lab to check again and the teacher was already there.and,class starts at 10am.dammit.gonna kill mir-mir for wrong info. X:

only me and bambang were from our class.the rest were people from other classes.haha.hmm.sat through it for 2+hrs.then headed for work.before that,went back to tampines for my lunch.ate at KFC.he didn't want to eat cause he was famished.i just ate cause i know i won't get a break for dinner while working.haha.he accompanied me nice.

then i left for work.haha.reached work late.sorry lar.tired like closed at 6.make things proper a lil bit.met up with my darling mon chi chi and barley.nyiahaha.barley offered a job for me.she'll get back to me till 12 am ++.ate supper(company sponsor),then went home.haha.tired lar.

ok.and no.i don't have puffy eyebags. (:

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