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Wednesday, July 05, 2006
just got back from east school its 1.32pm in the the heck am i doing in school?

sigh.due to unforseen circumstances,here i am in school.don't ask much for it being my holiday. ): dammit.

had a lot of fun in east coast.nyiahaha.stayed overnight there.felt that the bbq food wasn't enough though.lucky i hid some and prepared it after most of them evil can i ok.

so around 2+ am,some of the peeps left for mcD's for soccer match.italy vs germany?was it?ah.not a big fan here.halfway throughout the match,dzamir joined us back.he said he's too tired.went into the tent and fell asleep.nyiahaha.

i just sat around with a few people and chit chat to the extend that i couldn't take it anymore.wanted to sleep but,dzamir was alone in the tent,and nad's bf conquered the wole,left with no choice.with the guitar in between,i slept with dzamir in the tent.(psst.NOTHING HAPPENED OK?!) i said school now.dreading like fuck.meeting starts at 4 sia.and i'm here so freaking early.dammit.

dying of boredomness. -_-"

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