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Friday, July 28, 2006
have been seriously super emo this day.i've been reminiscing my i wish i could have done better.but like they always say,people made mistakes.we have to learn from mistakes................................................

i was 45 mins late for school today!!!!!!!!!!!!!hahahahaha.what a student councillor, set such very bad example.sigh.LOL.nasa was late today.i told him we'll meet at 7.45am at clementi and yet he showed up 40 mins later then blame me for not waking him up.aiya.everything also my fault.aiyo.i gave in cause i didn't want to hear him nag.hahahaha.hmm.throughout the journey,we read the papers.hahaha.crazy.when i reach school,4 of my lovely bitches (mira,nad,mas and sha) were waiting for me by the locker.haha.together gether we late.then the botak teacher gave a lecture on punctuality.we were made to stand behind the class.we laugh like mad people.hahaha.funny lar.laugh lar.

after school,had floorball training for comp this monday.since i wasn't wearing knee pad, i tore my skin after much practice.dammit.comp's this monday and this shit happens.alamak.chor bo lan.after training went bowling.nyiaahahaha.siao right?i know.but cool la.I LOVE BOWLING!muahahahaha.

now i'm at home listening to michael buble-dream a little dream of me.i just love the song.HAHA.

-twilight zone- tooroootoooroo.

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