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Saturday, July 15, 2006
my condolences goes to 2 girls today.

one,my senior,zalwiyah.she passed away at CGH due to losing control of her bike at ubin.she suffered a blood clot in her head.her classmate(my friend) is traumatised of the incident after witnessing the whole thing.they had a class gathering at ubin.nobody knew it would turn out that way.sigh..

two,nurul artikah.she passed away during warm-ups before her floorball training.probably due to exhaustion.sigh..

i guess,life's short.please repent while you still can.have fun but know your limitations.

well,went shopping!nyiahaha.bought F.O.S.nice lar.nyiahaha.and i think i gain a few extra pounds.hahaha.nice you know.ate a lot seh.hahahaah!ok.

innalillah wa innalillah hirajiun.

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