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Thursday, August 10, 2006
so happy to see roy today.he seriously makes my day everytime i see him. (:

well,lately,i've been quarelling with f*****z,to the extend i feel that i can't confide with him anymore.he told me to trust in him and he'll be there for me whenever i needed a friend and a brother to share life problems with.but somehow,there is just some force within me telling me not to believe it all.i'm paranoid.he wasn't even there when i needed somebody,so how can he be there whenever i needed a friend or a brother to confide in?the only guy who was really there for me and who've seen me cry is dzamir.he was there at the right place and at the right time.he was there to lend me a listening ear and a crying shoulder with all his heart.i guess,god presented me to him to ensure that i'm save from being hurt.alhamdulillah.he told me not to be worried over all life's happenings.he told me to believe in karma;what goes around,comes around.there is a reason behind every thing that has happened in life and behind it all,there'll be a lesson learnt...i really thank him for being the friend that i've always dream of.

went to banquet for lunch today.before heading back to schhol,dzamir went to 7-11 to buy apple tea.

"why you buy 2?", i asked.
"cause its 2 for $1.90", he replied.
" for me lollipop", i said.
*he ignored what i asked.i pester till he finally gave up*
"take lar take small kid lar you", he replied.

hahahaha.he's so nice.and i still owe him loads of money.damn. -.-"

i met a new friend today!(actually,i knew him a few days ago.its just that,i got to know his name today).his name is ariffin.BST classmate's friend.haha.cute sia.hahaha. :X

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