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Friday, August 04, 2006
super tiring today.hahas.had to last minute substitute a goalie,then last minute not necessary cause the captain had some duno what problem. -.-"

anyway,throughout the comp,fahyyaz kept on smsing.irritating sometimes.cause he has chic pox and is rotting at to keep him updated cause he's so called our "captain" bah.i just love to see him so much adrenaline rush.poor him has to sit and rot at home.prays hard he gets well soon.can't wait to see him play on monday!

shafique, again, made my day!he bullied me lar.didn't want to give him the picker ball, so initially, he forced the ball out of my hands.after unsuccessful attempts, he went for my weakest link; tickling me.he tickled me till i like rolled on the floor much for saying he's a reserved guy.was suppose to accompany me home, but i had to wait for mira and he left first.haiyo.

will be going down to tamp sports hall for floorball div 2 comp tomorrow.hope to see fahyyaz gonna love his polka dot effect.nyiahaha.and he's planning to do something to me...oh no!!!!


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