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teacher's day celebration.
Thursday, August 31, 2006
Today was suppose to be a holiday for all BCT year 1 students. unfortunately, me and hazril had to help out in the teacher's day celebration.met up with the rest of the gang at mcd's tampines int at 7.45am.initially planned to meet up at 7.30am.but.haha.well all the councilors were suppose to meet up by 8.15 at the auditorium.but when me,hir,hazril and aj reached there at 8.30,there wasn't a single soul except for the teachers rehearsing their singing.haha.zu had to perform a dance,and I gave him a hug and both of us didn't want to let go.hahahaha.then I met up with the rest of the people who came in later.rudy came by and every single person went, " look handsome today".i was sitting alone behind them and I said to him, "you look handsome everyday".he went, "aww" and gave me a pat on my head.he made my day!haha.the whole show was kinda dry but I have to support my fellow councilors hard effort right?oh well.after the show ended,we all went back to council room and slept there.hahahahaha.WE ATE A LOT OF CANDY FLOSS!omg.haha.there was a booth selling candy floss and we bought like a lot of it.hahahaha.after that,went to bedok's mcd's and sat down and 2 of us ate.talked like mad people.haha.i went home with hazril.both of us like,went to sleep in the train.nyiahaha.ok then.

below is a picture of me and rudy.omg.he's DROP DEAD GORGEOUS.lolx.

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