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Saturday, August 26, 2006
well,its been ages since i last updated.been seriously busy with school activities.i guess,this whole week i've been busy with other stuff and don't even have time for myself.i lack of sleep.seriosly.and lack of sleep = fever,flu and sore throat.darn.

for the inter college floorball tournament,CE1 guys and girls got 1st placing!kudos to my seniors for doing a good job.CE2 girls got 3rd placing while the guys got 4th.its ok.we'll try harder next year.PLAY AS A TEAM, NOTHING BUT A TEAM.

sometimes,there's this feeling inside of me that somehow,my friends are ditching me.i don't know whether its just my feelings or i really have to live up to reality.damn.i'm bloody paranoid.sigh.

i'll be having a two hour test this monday on organic chemistry.f**k lar.haven't study yet.gonna be so dead. x.x

below are pictures of my floorball team.chiao! (:

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