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Monday, September 11, 2006
on saturday(9th sept), on my way home from tamp sports hall, in the train itself, people were rushing into the train just to secure themselves with a seat.i managed to find one for myself.lucky me.i was sitting and listening to my mp3.a few stops later, i didn't realise that there was a pregnant lady admist the crowd till this malay guy gave up his sit to her.i respected him for doing that because i think the others saw her and they just pretend not to see her.i swear i didn't saw her, or i would have done the same.

a few stops later, the train suddenly jam old lady who got up from her seat started to lose balance and almost fell down.but the guy hold on to that moment of time, i wish he was my boyfriend.hahaha.i seriously respect him. (:

TP floorball male players are good! they put up a fight in the quarter finals and are in the semi-finals now.kudos to TP!

up till now, i haven't even covered 1/3 of my exam notes and its due tomorrow.hahahaha. x.x

and there's a blue-black mark on my hand.i don't even know when i got this mark.its like HUGE and obvious.damn.

i don't even know what i'm feeling anymore.i guess; my wish came through-i wished that i won't be able to feel.nowadays, the guys i have crushes on only last a day and then it vanishes.maybe it was because what happen between me and him that i lose all trust in guys; i have no clue.sigh.

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