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Thursday, September 28, 2006
Hey guys! I'm finally back from camp! (: got miss me right? Haha.

So, here it comes. A whole lot of chunk of words which basically will describe my camp days..

Day One.
We were supposed to meet up by 7.30am at Buona Vista MRT station. I was kinda late for 5 minutes. Haha. Hazril, Su, Zu and Halim reached much later. Like around 5 minutes after I reached? Well, most of them were already waiting at the bus-stop. Only Boon and KC waited for US who were late. Haha. We waited for the bus around 5 minutes. It was seriously pack when the whole lot of us boarded the bus. Hazril, Halim and Zu got left behind. When we reached NACLI, we had to climb up-hill to reach our destination. It was damn tiring. Firstly, we reported at "Tanah Merah" room 9. We had a short briefing on the rules and regulations. Then, we were given our room keys. We were given the "Pasir Panjang" rooms. It consisted of 5 beds, an attached toilet and it’s air-conditioned. Well, what more could we ask for right? My dorm consists of Deidre, Mei Lin, Hidayah, Su and me. We unpacked our stuff and the journey begun.. We watched "O, Brother, Where ar thou?" and "Patch Adams" to learn how they handle situations of life, being a great leader, how to be a great leader. As always, "Patch Adams" was lovely. We enjoyed it very much. We were separated into three teams. I belong to team 1. We consist of Desmond, Deidre, Faizah, Sock Hoon, Alicia, Hazril, Shan, Zhi Ming, Zu and me! (: After it all, we had dinner. Then, lights out.

Day Two.
We (the girls in my dorm) got up at 8am. We kinda overslept. Haha. We were supposedly to report at 8.30am but we were late. Haha. We had lectures again. This time, we watched "Hotel Rwanda". It also thought us how to be a great leader. Being a leader does not necessarily mean that people will just do whatever you want them to do and heed your orders. As a leader, you must always listen to your team members as your decision may be influential and you must always seek your members' opinion on the decision that you have made. We also learn that leaders may also be servant; you can let others lead and you just follow them. It's good to give others an opportunity to feel what it’s like to be a leader. Our dinner consisted of BBQ food. Yummy. After dinner, we had a meet-up session with the principle of ITE CE and the director of ITE CW and another guy which I don' know his position and other people whom I don't really know who they are. We had performances like skits, dance and singing. WE HAD FUN. After it all, we went back to "Tanah Merah" room 9 to continue watching "Hotel Rwanda". After the show ended, we headed back to our rooms respectively. My dorm peeps played Uno till 1am, which was way past our bed time. We made a hell lot of noise. I'm not too sure whether anybody heard us, but all we know was to have fun and laugh the night away.

Day Three.
We had outdoor activities. It isn't any same old high elements that we do in normal camps. It's those low elements that you hardly make use of. The fun we had was priceless. We really put in all that we have learn in the classrooms to good use during the activities. It was a moment of pure fun and joy. (: Before we left, we took a TRUCKLOAD of photos. I would love to pay a million if someone could turn back time. (haa. Ya right) We left the place around 3.30pm. I reached home around 4pm, close to 5.

Now, I'm all achy after all the fun that we had. I lazy to write already lar. You guys should go to NACLI! I recommended it to all of you reading my blog!

Ok. Dead.

The friendship that we build this past few days really meant a lot to me. Thank you for all the support you've given me. (:
P.S: i LOVE your smile! XD

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