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Wednesday, September 20, 2006
i feel so carefree today.hahas.

work was fun! we closed the store at 8.50. left the place at 9.30. so early! haha. must be because the closing people was fun. at one time, there were only 2 people on the sales floor. the rest of us was smoking(not me, duh) at the back of the store. we talked about relationships. haha. of all topics. osman's back with HER. which was a shocking news to me. oh well.

tomorrow, prolly will be out the whole day to celebrate selamat's bdae at seoul garden(taka). after that, we'll prolly going ktv-ing. LOL.

on friday, the TRU peeps are gonna shin wrap(some sort of a plastic wrapper) ban chye cause it'll be his birthday. can't wait for the day! MUAHAHAHA. *evil smirk*

ok.going to bed now. (:

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