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Tuesday, September 12, 2006
haha.had my Intro Chem exams and my clique were late by a minute.and it took me and sherman two minutes to get to our was so far away!dammit.for my last question, i didn't have enough paper.raised my hand up but none of the teachers saw. but even if they saw my hand, by the time they got a paper for me and walked all the way to the back, it would be too late.damn.

i think i'm gonna flung this paper, which means i'll have to re-sit the module next year.but if most of us fail this, prolly the teacher will give face and have a re-exam?i wonder if it's possible though.what goes around, comes around.

please stop playing with my feelings.i've had enough of what's been happening already.and i don't need more from you.let me live in peace.please.

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