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Friday, September 15, 2006


this is the stick i wanna buy, the one that the coach offered.anything just click on .there are a lot more other pictures available.damn.i drool whenever i see the sticks.darn.

I WANT MONEY TO BUY A FLOORBALL STICK!anybody wanna be my daddy? LOL-NESS. (:

anw, i ran into 3 people today.first, i ran into my long lost friend, JIA MING! i miss him so much! haha.he was at tamp int doing CIP.he asked me to donate.initially he demanded 10 bucks.omg.haha.i just put in a dollar coin.and he said, "terima kasih".so cute!haha.damn i miss him. (:

on my way home, i ran into the twins, fifa and fiqa!!!! i miss them too. hahas. (:

ok.that's it.

i'm sorry bambang for what i did today.i'll make it up to you.i truly am sorry. ):

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