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Sunday, September 03, 2006
recently,i bought a book entitled, "my best friend's girl" by dorothy koomson.the story is about friendship,love,loyalty and trust. (: the next two books on the list will be "never say never" by melissa hill and "the truth about forever" by sarah dessen.

my ONE AND ONLY examinable module will be on 12th sept.and i haven't even touch a single much for wanting a GPA of 3.8.sheesh.i guess i better buck up after what nick ng(my class advisor aka the form teacher) said to me.he does really keep track of my studies.i've even won the "most slacken student" award by him after there's a huge mark gap between my lab math test 1 and 2.i'm so dead. x.x

i think i'm super seriously tired, cause i've been taking afternoon naps almost everyday.that's so not me.i've NEVER EVER taken afternoon naps before.oh gosh.

one of my classmates went for the project superstar audition at toa payoh hdb hub today.i hope he made it through. *cross fingers*

2 days ago there was an event; "KRUNK" held at sentosa,tanjung rhu beach.i think its a clubbing thing.was suppose to go cause it's a councillor-get-together-event(crap) but i'm so not into the clubbing,i have a feeling that 3/4 of the malay students did not even think twice of going.haha.i heard it was a blast and one of my ex-schoolmate got drunk there.sheesh.

well.that's about it.can't wait to see my darling zu tomorrow and get my morning hugs from him!hehex.

when will i ever get a boyfriend?

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