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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

dammit.i miss this girls and playing floorball itself.because of IVP,people who are not chosen will resume training in october.i'll probaby be buying a floorball stick(Blast:yazer/CE) at the end of october.haha.the stick's all bluey and light and through the coach,i can get it at a price of $118 with a free's like around 30% off than the original price.uber-coolness! (:

i've been changing skins often, idea why though.i just haven't found the right one that suits me best.if only i knew how to make skins.oh well.the reason why i change to this skin is because it got me grooving the very first time i saw it. (: i still haven't found the right song to match it with.haha.oh well.

LSP test earlier today was a load of up will be AC test.haha.darn.i'm so gonna screw the test up.i'm so bored at home now with nothing to do.darn.

i thought i could trust you.but no.somehow you wanted me to lose trust in u.i hate it when people play a fool of my feelings.i don't want my fragile heart to break got broken over and over again.and everytime i have to pick up the pieces myself,one by one.when will YOU come and make me feel loved,again?

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