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Thursday, September 07, 2006
Yesterday(6th sept), there was an ITE graduation ceremony. ran into a lot of people I knew from ITE College West. haha. i had to do ushering. my blazer was like super huge and they didn't even bother finding the one that fits me nicely. dammit. had loadsa fun cause there was reception! a lot of food was offered. haha. yum yum. The whole event ended around 6pm.

After that, Hir, Hannah and I left for taufiq's house at Woodlands. He's leaving for NS tomorrow(8th sept), so we thought we'd pay him a visit. I got to know his younger brother, hafiz. Their parents weren't in so we had loads of fun. We ate breakfast cereals, turn up the tv volume to the max and shouted a lot. hahahahahaha! We left their house around 11pm. Took a cab home. Too lazy to walk to the bus stop and anyway it was already quite late. Before leaving, taufiq gave me a tight hug. Damn I miss him. ):

Today's intro chem lesson spelled B-O-R-E-D-O-M. nothing much happened in school today. Tomorrow, 3/4 of JB0604A are gonna skip analytical chemistry. haha. Self-declared holiday. I'll be having my holidays till 16th Oct starting from next week. YIPEE! I met munir today at my school. Luckily he recognized me or else I'd beat up his face. LOL. Nothing much to say.

I'm unsure of what i'm feeling nowadays.sigh.i wanna free all the thoughts in my mind.

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