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Thursday, September 14, 2006
i wanna free all this thoughts in my mind.
i've been giving it thoughts said you've change for the better.but you haven' claim that we're withdrawing from you, but truth is, you're withdrawing from look who's talking and who are you in o*t**l**s now?are you still a part of US?i wonder.
i hate to sacrifice my feelings for other people's happiness.but i just can't help return,i keep getting myself hurt.yes.i'm aware that i have to take of my feelings first before i take care of others.sigh.when will this trilogy end?
you've become much more withdrawn from me day by day.what happen to the special bond that we had?what happen to all those late nights blabbering on the phone?'s different now that you have somebody else in your life.but what happen to the promise, the one you said you'll be there for me when i needed a friend or a brother to talk to?what happen to that?were those just empty promises you made to keep me going and happy?do i need to make an appointment first before talking to you?do i have to make the first move before you start talking?i feel that i simply can't talk to you anymore.i don't think we can become who and what we were back's never gonna be the same again.
everytime i see you,i feel like slapping you in the face.maybe i'm selfish.i don't know.maybe i should apologize,but no idea why.i'm not the kind of person who's still hurts me though.but life has move on.
i miss those times i had with 4e10-05'.
i'm're have a split personality.i fear most when i talk to you on the phone and're nicer in our seriously have an issue with split personality.and you know that.
where are you?i don't see you in school anymore.i miss my hugs... ):
i wanna know.what happen to our friendship 6 months ago?you said you're sorry and wanted to be friends again.i gave you the chance,and you left it stranded there.who do you want to make out of me?a fool?you left our friendship hanging just like it revenge?is this what they call revenge is sweet?yes.i admit.i was wrong.and you said not to talk about it anymore.i pressumed that you've forgiven me.but keeps on coming.if it's for revenge,please stop.i'm truly sorry.sincerely from the bottom of my heart.i miss our friendship.where are you now?how have you been?how's life?i wanna know it all.but you're no longer lingering around me.i miss you.please come back.....

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