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Tuesday, September 19, 2006
*hey darling. shit happens. life moves on. so what if he has broken your heart into a million pieces? every relationship we have makes us grow stronger ada. u tak boleh be dependent on just one guy. a guy who makes you cry is not worth your tears. i think after this, me and sha will screw his ass upside down. please ada. don't wait for him to come back to you. concentrate more of your own feelings and the people who've always been there to support you in your ups-and-downs. i'm sure they don't want you to be upset right? so cheer up dar dar.for our sake, for your OWN sake. but being the stubborn girl that you always are, u will wait. i know you will. i know you well. but your waiting must not have any hope. u boleh tunggu tapi jangan terlalu mengharapkan. if you expect anything in return of your waiting, you may be more dissapointed than what you feel right now. i'm sure you don't want that right? you have to take care of your own feelings ada. nobody is going to take care of it except you yourself. ada, please ada. i beg of you.*

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