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Thursday, October 05, 2006
sometimes, i wonder. what are friends for? they are suppose to be there whenever you need them most, at their own convenience that is. but what if, your so-called "friends" are only there for you for a while? after that, they leave you and no longer mingle with you as though you have aids? no, i'm not talking bout the friends i made in primary school, secondary school and BCT course. i'm just commenting on the people that i feel i should comment on. its good if they read this cause i want them to know i'm talking bout them. haa. if they don't, then it's ok cause i bet they don't even know my blog anyway.

one incident, it happened a few weeks ago. i was shocked to see all this "friends" in school. we were actually down for briefing. so i thought, well at least i had some company. then, after the briefing ended, we all went to this room whereby we ran into other people. this "friends" of mine ignored me like as if i had shingles. omg. i was so upset. at that point of time, i felt as like as if it was better i hadn't known them in the very first place at all. dammit. they left without even saying goodbye. upset sia. wtf. they don't deserve my friendship at all lar. haa. yes i'm cold but if you give me the cold shoulder than, by all means, the exit door is always in front of your eyes. i don't deserve "friends" like you. i have better people to make friends with. (:

hey, i may appear naive and demeanor but that doesn't mean you can take advantage of me. i'll retaliate when i feel the time is right. so, still wanna mess with me? you're messing with the wrong girl. (:

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