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Tuesday, October 17, 2006
well. yesterday was the first day of school after such a long break. but till now, i realise that its just not enough cause i've been working too much and life sucks. haa. i'm serioulsy tired. i would love to give anything to sleep at 2am and wake up at 2pm the next morning, w/o miossing lectures and most importantly, my "sahur". haa. oh well.

In this semester, i'm taking Laboratory Safety and Practice, Analytical Chemistry, Laboratory Mathematics, General MicroBiology and Molecular Biology. I'll start at 8am everyday and end at 4pm on mondays and thursdays, 6pm on tuesdays and wednesdays and 1pm on fridays. dammit. such long hours. tired lar. does my modules sound chim? haa.

Yesterday, the engineering guy i like SMILED at me!!! haa. **** love. (: roy smiled at me too but i didn't notice until he looked away. sorry! i was talking to a friend lar. apologies.

well, i'm having a two hours break now. i'm using the SC room comp to update my blog. haa. suppose to meet Mei Lin at 11 but she's having her lunch at noods now. haiya. i'm ****ing tired and I NEED SLEEP! from 12 till 3, i have Lab Safety prac and from 3 till 6, i have MoBio prac. omg. i'll prolly rush home after school cause i wanna break fast at home! haa. with my mum, sis and bro. lalala.

have u guys went to geylang? i haven't. not even once. haa. but what's the point of going to geylang anyway? so many minahs and mats. pain in the ***. haa.

i miss KE CHENG!! eversince rudy is in the "MR & MISS ITE 2006" competition, he doesn't wanna sms me anymore cause he wanna save money to vote for rudy. each sms is 20cents. bloody hell waste money. haa. i'm gonna vote 25 times, so it'll only be 5 bucks. haa. ok ar.

that's it. i'm sleepy. I WANT SLEEP!! ):

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