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belated birthday.
Saturday, November 04, 2006
happy belated birthday to me! thanks to those who wished me "happy birthday!".

on monday, together with 2 other girls, we will be helping out in the IVP(ite vs poly) match from 6 till 9pm. gary(our floorball coach cum vice-president of ite simei floorball team cum 1st year sports management student) asked me to look for people to help out. haiya. gary is cute, but he's too short for his age. damn. if only he was taller. :p

i'm just bored lar.

i've fallen for him. but am not too sure if he'll feel the same way. everytime i wanna approach him, he's always with his mates. i'm not saying he shouldn't hang out with them. it's just that, why can't i see him alone for once so there's an opportunity for me to talk to him? he never fails to smile at me whenever he sees me. i wanna talk to him. so far, we've only talked to each other thrice. i don't think he even know my name. haa. love complicates lar.

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