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Wednesday, November 29, 2006
life at this point is reckless. haha. yes. i know my fonts are an eyesore. i promise i'll change it soon. (:

school starts at 1 today cause there wasn't any lesson in the morning. haa. i left home at around 12.20pm. damn late right? haa! hmm. there was something wrong with the train and no one believed me! damn. ):

i'm labelled "the pain" by my sc peeps as on one particular night, i beat them all up(only 3 guys). haa. earlier today, i told pinz that i gave asyiq pain the day before. and he went, "hurt is love". i went fuming mad! like, wassup with these people gossiping about me and asyiq. tsk tsk. anyway, i told pinz, "whatever makes you happy" and he went "i love you too". whatever pinz.

ok. if you guys noticed, i don't update as much as i used to. i'm just busy with school. to busy. man. i wish time could stop functioning for 24 hours so i can get enough sleep. life in singapore is such a rush! omg. i don't even have time for myself. somebody, please give me time! ):

hidayah and i are planning another movie outing. yayness! gost movie again. MUAAHAHAS. (you won't understand why the laugh. its just something i shallnot reveal in order to protect the lives of others.) MUAHAHAHAS.

ok.thats it. (:

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