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Tuesday, December 26, 2006
Have you ever been stuck in a love triangle? I have and the experience was whoopey doodey doo(which means it wasn't nice at all). A likes B. B knows. But A didn't realize that B only treats her as a close friend, till she found out B likes C. Wow. And the rest is history..

I guess what I'm trying to say is that, sometimes, things won't work out the way u want it to. A friend said, "let true love be unspoken". But love won't come to you if you don't find it. But once you found it, it's either you treasure it and not let go, or somehow, it turns out to be something you expect it not to be. No. I'm not emo-ing. I'm just saying..

Finally back from my absence for the past few weeks. So what has happened so far?

- Shifting of house, 17 dec.
- Student Leadership Development Programme at Bintan, 19 dec to 21 dec.

And you are wondering what happen the past few days? There was a problem with the telephone line in my room. Omg. I don't know what the hell they were doing. It took damn so many days just to fix one bloody shit. I'm just pissed.

I recently read an article on The New Paper. It was something like this, "What do you hate about Singaporeans? Send your emails to ......"

I guess, what I hate about Singaporeans is that, I hate Singaporeans who take PUBLIC TRANSPORT, especially the ever so popular MRT. Once, I was on my way home from school. My journey home's an hour plus and when I boarded; there wasn't a single seat available. How I wish the seats were catered to people who are traveling a long distance. Anyway, the train soon reached one of the business district stations. The cabin I was in was already 3/4 full and only a few people could enter. I was just standing by the side. When the doors opened, OH MY GOD. First, the passengers were not even allowed to alight from the train as people were squeezing their way in. Second, around more than 20 people tried to squeeze themselves in! I was seriously squashed! They looked at me like as if I was a nuisance standing by the side of the doors. It was like as if no one are suppose to stand there and I'm suppose to move in. God dammit. I had been standing at the exact same spot all the way from Tanah Merah and they are, threatening to do something to me. WHAT THE FUCK. There was seriously no longer any space left for breathing and yet, people keep squeezing themselves in! CAN’T YOU WAIT FOR THE BLOODY NEXT TRAIN TO COME? EVEN SARDINES IN CANS HAVE ENOUGH SPACE FOR VENTILATION! I was seriously pissed. I kept cursing and swearing at the people in the train. WHY CAN'T SINGAPOREANS BE LESS KIASU?!

haha. well. my telephone line is still not fixed yet. i used an extension cord from another room to be linked to the modem. sigh.

and now i'm so tired and hungry. haas.

thank you for caring for me. i knew you cared, without you even telling me. i give the both of you my blessings. (:

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