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dead tired
Thursday, December 07, 2006
i'm tired. i'm just so tired. if i could, i would have hibernated. i would have hibernated long. man.

yes.its a boring and dead entry.

my stomach's all crammed.there seems to be a problem with

i seriously miss 3E10-2004.i serioulsy miss u peeps to bits and pieces! ): i miss the times we broke the door, spoil the glass window panels, create holes on the whiteboard,spoiled the overhead projector,etc.i miss you guys man.seriously.boohoo. ):

most of my 2nd year are graduating.which means i'm gonna miss my-mr-smiley a lot.i haven't been seeing him lately.i miss him.i miss his smiles.i miss his cute looks.i miss him terribly..........

i hate school more than you peeps out there hate your own school.i'm seriously dead. dead......

*if u're reading this,i'm sorry you have to squint your eyes.but i don't think you would ever be reading this,cause i don't think we would meet each other by chance in this internet world.i miss you.why don't i see you anymore?i wanna talk to you.i wanna sit with you at starbucks and drink frappes together.can i wish for that?i don't mind making the first move.but...i don't see you anymore.please don't hide and instead, make yourself be seen.please.i loathe your smile.where can i find you?please.your smile are the satisfaction of my cravings.............*

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