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Friday, December 15, 2006
as of to date, i don't think i can feel anymore. losing my mp3 was already enough. i lose my handphone too. and now i'm a depressed girl. i travel to school looking all stoned. why? why must they be so cunning to even steal people's belonging? don't they know how precious it may be to the person? it's not a matter of us being careless or not. it's a matter of whether the person who stole it have guilty conciousness or not. don't u get nightmares at night saying i'll haunt u for stealing other's belongings? don't u? omg.

i'm just so lost. no music was already the end of my life. cause my handphone could still revive me. but no handphone was the last straw. i promised myself that, if i found out who stole MY belongings, that person is SO SCREWED. i don't give a fuck. if i found out who stole dzamir's mp4, that person's SCREWED too. i don't care. if you offend me, you'll get to see the side of me you haven't seen before. and you won't like that side of me. i'll make sure you'll suffer a horrible life. it would be the most horrible experience you've ever experienced in your whole life. you're messing with the wrong person.

i cry to sleep every night. but crying won't help much. i won't get back the stuff i lost. why? why must someone be so cunning? why must there be stealing? why? does that person need money? omg. fuck off man. if u need money, go and work lar. knnccb. no need to go around and steal people's item. i'm just pissed off.

fuck. i'm so screwed.

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