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Thursday, January 11, 2007
i've been to busy with school to the extend i don't get enough school. ): the reason i join ITE is to have a lot of free time. but i realise that, i don't even have time for myself. i'm so so busy. i guess, now i realise that it a heavy workload to be holding key positions in both my CCA. sigh. i've just been appointed event manager assistant for floorball. gosh. i don't even know what the hell i'll be doing. X.X

i've been missing lessons for two days, have an essay assignment due this friday on cyano bacteria(wth that is i don't even know) and have a lab maths test on logarithm, hypothesis and annova on next thursday. omg. i'm gonna be so screwed. ):


i just found out that he'll only graduate in APRIL!!! yipee. i still have 3 more months to go....

i miss you. and i can't believe i saw you.. you turned and smiled at me at the escalator.. i knew you were looking at me when i walked pass you yesterday. but i was too shy to approach you and talk to you.. i missed my chance............. i wanna talk to you.. but i'm just too reluctant to approach you. your smile simply melts my heart........................................................ (:

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