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Tuesday, January 23, 2007
am frustrated over the last two people i mention in my post on 20th Jan. people sometimes just don't listen to instructions, don't they? tsk.

attended an "Anger Management Talk" today. full of crap. wasted 60mins. i practically learned nothing lar. -.-" *pfft. we could have gone for a 3hr break. dammit.

will be having an appreciation night on 26th Jan, friday. dresscode: retro. i have freakingly no idea what to wear! haas. gonna be so retro-wee that night. haas! uber coolness.

well, am watching the match S'pore VS M'sia. can't believe that M'sia guy kicked Lionel Lewis! ): the score's now like 1(M'sia)-0(S'pore). ):

till later! (: am stressing on the match! JIA YOU S'PORE!

*if only it was true... i'll be waiting for the day...........

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