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so tired i could die..
Saturday, January 27, 2007
i'm so tired. had an appreciation night yesterday. it was fun but at the same time kinda dry and boring.. the theme was retro. but sad to say only half of them followed the theme. let me tel you more bout the event...

it's called SC Appreciation Night. the theme was retro. it was an event initiated by Student Council. it is for us to appreciate the 1st and 2nd batch of Student Councillors. however, the seniors find it boring over the fact that they don't feel very much appreciated and it emphasizes more on the current batch rather than the last two batches. the most enjoyable part is only the DANCE FLOOR! we danced and danced like as if we were high on drugs. haha. everyone went home with their eyes half open. so sleepy and tiring.

as i'm updating my blog, its just suprising to know that i'm actually doing this in school, and onn a saturday. YES, in school. i'm back in school for a dance practice to be performed on Valentine's Day. yikes. in fornt of the whole school. how nerve wrecking. there's a whole programme lined up for us. my dancing crew will be send to competitions, performances, etc. it sets me thinking. how committed am i to my dance group? i don't want to be kicked out from the school floorball team just because of my dance. peers have told me to talk things out with my leader. but yah. its difficult lar. its not that i wanna withdraw from dance. its just that, i need to balance the both of them. my dance practices are currently on thursdays and so are my floorball trainings. damn i'm confused. and btw, its hip-hop dance..

well. its been 2 hours now and the dance leader is not here yet.. sigh.

i'm elated over the fact that i've finally gotten hold of his phone number. uber coolness! now i can spennd hours with him... (:

till later......

i want you to know that i love you. will you love me too? :P

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