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Wednesday, January 03, 2007
i'm so tired this days. head's crashing and all. still feeling all melancholic after loosing my precious belongings. friends are still solving the mystery of my stolen items. and i'm just there, watching helplessly as they try to help. sigh.

asyiq told me told me (at 3am!) to give him a wake up call at 8am. i've been trying for umpteen times but to no avail. omg. must be dead-sleeping. x.x are all guys like that? i know he's not, cause he's usually the last to sleep and the first to wake up, or he doesn't sleep at all. hmm. it sets me thinking.... but then, i hope that he's fine. yesterday, he was down with fever and had nothing to eat. poor guy. ): and he didn't even have panadol. ): if only i live near him. he lives in pasir ris! OMG.

well. yes. i'm up very early. haa.

man. i'm bored. i wanna go to school!!!!!

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