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Sunday, February 04, 2007
i'm confused over the fact that things are "supposedly" to go back to normal after apologizing. i'm still uncertain of whether it was sincere, or it was an act of force. well, i just wanna say that things won't ever go back to where we started cause alot happened between us. trust me. it'll never be the same. no, i'm not asking you to be sacrificial here. i just want u to realise that i feel awkward nowadays to be around the both of u. u know how i hate being lamppost-y. u told me to come down yesterday coz u're bored. i did. and yet, look at the both of u. i kinda feel stupid over the fact that i came down all the way and yet u are having so much fun together. sheesh. thank god my friends were out too, or else i'd be the stupidest girl around. thanks ar. thanks a lot.


well, helped out mr li(my ex-math teacher) on his event today. haa. we were chauffeured to and fro form pasir ris mrt station to lorong halus(yeah, its somewhere in s'pore). made a new "friend" today. name's mr chung. he's mr li's friend. i have no idea who this mr chung is, but he seems knowlegeable when i asked him questions. haha. got to satisfy my eyes with such hot bod chinese guys. haha. i guess, nowadays, i have a fetish for chinese guys. ya. i know. WTH.

mr li's gonna treat us(those who helped out today) for lunch at Seoul Garden next sat. UBER COOLNESS! muahahaha. well, gonna miss this cute teacher alot lar. haha. yes, there's a fine line drawn between us. its just a teacher-student thing, not more than that. period.

stuck at home now not knowing what to do. just to lazy to open my books and study though exams are a month away.

can't wait for the 2nd-leg later. HOPE SINGY(copyrighted juzailah's words) WILL EMERGE CHAMPS! KANBATE! :D

that's it! (:

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