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Saturday, February 17, 2007
down with running nose today. so depressing. went seould garden-ing today! mr li's treat!!!!! hehe. (: we went to marina square's seoul garden. hmm. ate to our heart's content. everybody left feeling bloated. haha. mr li left earlier coz he had a client to meet.

after lunch, we walked over to Esplanade. we sat down and enjoyed the music and the sea breeze. after quite some time, we then walked over to clarke quay's coffee bean. i tried their new drink- Sunrise ice blended. it was a combination of orange and vanilla. it was so sour. omg. but it's nice. (: so, if u're not a big fan of sour-ish stuff but still wanna try it out, buy it at kids size. (: we sat at coffee beat for around an hour and the half. most of them left for home cozthey had something on in the evening(no, not reunion dinner). asked HIM out, but he said he just reach home from galavanting. ): hetold me, if i insist on not going home, i can walk all the way home. -.-" Raffles Place MRT station was like a ghost-town. so empty........

reached home at around 7.30pm. TOO EARLY! haa. had no freaking idea what to do. then i realise, exams are near! haha. so now, i'm busy sorting out papers of modules for my exams. (: haha. and i actually realise that what i've been studying ain't difficult at all. (: LOL.


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