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Tuesday, February 27, 2007
i can't really take it sometimes. the reason i called you was because i want to talk to you. on a secretary-chairman basis, not a friend-friend basis. is it so hard for me to actually reach out to you? yes, i know you are busy, but can't you actually ask first what it is all about before you give me that kind of attitude? i've been patient with you, i obey you. but is this what i get in return? you know i'm suffering in silence. you know that. but why do you keep doing this? i told you once, not to let "our" cries for help just dissapear in silence. but it seems that you don't understand. i hate it when you're busy. cause you stress so much. i hate that attitude of yours. because of what i go through, i feel like withdrawing. you have no frigging idea what i go through and yet you just don't care. do you know that he's sick? do you know that? and yet, why is he calling me and telling me that you pushed everything to him? why? why am i hearing all this? i'm sick and tired. i'm sick and tired of what i'm going through. yes. probably i need an explanation. but i bet, you even have time for that. i've had enough of our quarrels and arguments. i cried in silence cause of you. i don't wish for history to repeat itself. please. i beg of you.....

ya allah.
tolonglah kuatkan iman hambamu ini.


you jerk. just because i'm imperfect and have lots of flaws doesn't mean you have the right to demoralise me. i realise that you're not worth it all. i guess, fucked-up jerks and fucked-up bitches make perfect couples. =X

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