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Tuesday, February 20, 2007
7 days later, today, i just realised i had nothing posted for v-dae. -.-" haha. lame. i noe. hmm.

on 14th feb, i never receive anything. hahahaha! in school, we had a performance at the amphitheatre. there were 2 dance item, 1 song and a game called bachelor bidding. the bachelor bidding was a bit.... ya. the dance item was AWESOME. great job IDKN and FUNKA-SQUAD! (: after the whole performance, me, sab and selamat had to rush and change back to our uniform. y? cause we had a field trip to pulau semakau! haha. its actually a landfill. in fact, its the only landfill in s'pore.

we boarded a ferry to get there. SO FUN! haha. not too surewho vomitted though. but thank god, i have no sea-sickness. (: pulau semakau turned out differently from wad i imagined it to be. its not smelly at all. the place was beautiful. there are 3 activities that can be done there; fishing, inter-tidal walk and vist the mangrove swamp. before we left the island, we were given a tour of the place itself. our last stop was thislike so-called a jetty. since it was low tide, we walked down all the way to where the water was. the officers didn't allow us to, but after the teacher gave us green light, everyone was down. (: we saw little crabs, sea cucumber, seashells, many more. nice ok. maybe u guys should visit it some day.

after the trip, a friend told me he just got booked out coz of valentine's day. met him up at BP plaza. he treated me ice-cream. (: got to know Wan Ling! (: and the rest is history....

---------------end of 13th & 14th entry---------------

now am rotting at home. lazy to even touch my books even though i'm down with loads of test and upcoming exams. haha.

well, i have nothing to blog about today. therefore, this post is kinda empty. ):

i wish upon a star that you are right here with me...

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