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Wednesday, February 28, 2007
i'm glad you smiled today and apologized.....

had general meeting today. met new intake people. although not many, its good to see new faces. haha. after the meeting, we had a mini reception. we had this i-don't-know-what-it-is-called-thing-so-someone-please-tell-me. its usually practised during chinese new year reunion dinner. its tossed way high up. the higher you tossed, the more luck you get.(correct me if i'm wrong). as usual, being the ever so unite people, CCA and House committee did it in unison. only both of our committee had fun doing it. the rest of the committees was more like "walking zombies". haha. CCA AND HOUSE ROCKS! went home with Jeffrey today. (: he lives in boon lay. will be going to school with him every tuesdays and wednesdays! yay! travelling to school won't be lonesome anymore! (: (even though it's only twice a week) haha.

am tired now. have floorball and committee meeting to attend. i have yet to decide which to go, but i'm positively sure it'd be comm meeting. sigh. i hate thursdays cause i hate decision-making. ):

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