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Saturday, February 10, 2007
had dance practice today. my shoulder's still in pain. i have no idea why. dammit. had around 3 rounds of practice and we left school. i reached late lar. therefore the practice session was short.

we then headed for eastpoint to purchase our costume. its actually just a plain red shirt. we then headed to bugis to purchase our shoe. whilst waiting for the train at simei, zuh ticked me like crazy. man. i almost fall onto the tracks! siao. in the train, it's so freaking packed, yet he keep on tickling and tickling. man. i must learn how not to be ticklish! haas.

after purchasing our shoe, we headed for raffles hospital banquet. hungry lar. after eating, we then talked about topics like, gay and sex. haahaha. i know. so omg. hey. we're old enough to talk about the birds and the bees w/o our parents right? aha. we sat there for more than an hour. just talk and talk.

prolly, this friday, my dance group will be going to metta sch to teach kids how to dance. cool huh? and the best part is, we get paid for it. hahahaahah. CAN'T WAIT!

oh well. now i'm freaking bored. and i have a lot to catch up on studies. been missing a lot of classes. dammit.

i will never-ever play truth or dare anymore. i just revealed my deepest darkest secret in front of him. make me loose face! ):

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